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    5 Tips for Setting a Thanksgiving Table Without the Stress

    5 Tips for Setting a Thanksgiving Table Without the Stress

    The holiday season is approaching soon and you're likely in full-gear preparing your home for the arrival of guests. From washing the sheets in the spare bedrooms, to vacuuming every nook and cranny possible, there's a lot to do! Take some of the stress off by creating a beautiful yet simple Thanksgiving table. Here are some of our top tips for bringing dining tables to life this holiday season.

    1. Stick to the Minimum

    Keep your table simple and easy by limiting each place setting to just one fork, knife, and spoon. This eliminates confusion for your guests and makes the clean up a lot easier too! Of course you can still pull out the fancy dishware, but by only setting out one of each piece of flatware, you'll save time in the long run, from setting the table to cleaning up afterwards.

    2. Make Room for More

    A small family is likely to be satisfied for most of the year with a 5 pc dining set that includes a round or square dining table with four dining chairs. However, a small dining table might not be enough for the holiday season if you plan to have a lot of guests over. This is where an extendable dining table can come in handy. It can be small for most of the year, but expand when you have company over.

    3. Mix and Match

    If your table typically seats six, and now you need to add two more dining chairs, you might worry that they do not match. Work around this by adding the two extra chairs at the heads of the table. This will make the addition look intentional and not eccentric.

    4. Give the Kids an Activity

    If small children will be among your guests, keep them occupied by placing butcher paper over the table and providing them with a small pack of crayons. This will prevent them from coloring all over your nice dining furniture but still keep them occupied and give them somewhere to focus all their energy instead of running through the kitchen where hot pots and pans are sitting.

    5. Try Smaller Centerpieces

    Instead of one large centerpiece in the middle of the table, consider having a few smaller ones placed throughout. You can take this a step further by collecting items from your own yard such as sticks and leaves, then placing them in small glass jars to decorate your table.

    Need to Get Your Dining Room in Order?

    The holiday season is the perfect time to upgrade your dining furniture and BT Furnishings has what you need. Stop by one of our DFW area locations today to browse our selection of dining table sets, or individual dining chairs and dining tables. We have a variety of different design styles at affordable prices. If you have any questions, please give us a call or reach out online. We'll be happy to help you find the perfect dining furniture for your space!