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    5 Small Space Furniture Tips

    5 Small Space Furniture Tips

    Just because your first home or apartment is small on space doesn't mean it can't be big on style! Choosing the right furniture is the key to making sure your small space stays functional and not crowded. Here's our top five tips to keep in mind when shopping for small space furniture.

    1. Look for Dual Purpose Pieces

    Maximizing small spaces is all about storage. Try to find furniture that can serve two purposes. For example, choose an ottoman that opens up to hold extra blankets or board games. A sleeper sofa is a great way to add an extra bedroom without doubling your rent every month. Only use one small nightstand to save on space. Choose small end tables that also have shelves for storing books, candles, or decorative items.

    2. Choose Slimmer Designs

    Keep your furniture choices looking lightweight and you'll avoid having the room feel dark or heavy. Think of slim table legs supporting a thin table top, or a small TV stand that houses just the essentials. Choose pieces that get the job done but don't take up more space than you absolutely need. If you live alone of with your partner, you will likely be satisfied to have just a small couch or small sectional for the two of you.

    3. Keep Your Colors Light

    Darker furniture will make your room look more full. Opt for whites, light grays, or even transluscent acrylic or glass tables and chairs. Any room with more light will appear larger so throw open the curtains and turn on the lamps while you're at home. Place a mirror opposite a large window to reflect the sunlight and brighten your mood with the natural vitamin D.

    4. Save Room in Unexpected Places

    You might not think that shape matters too much but you would be surprised! By simply opting for a small round coffee table you can have the appearance of a lot more space compared to a square or rectangular piece. The ideal desks for small spaces will fold up so they can be put away when not in use. Those few inches can make all the difference!

    5. Think of the Whole House

    The living room isn't the only place you'll want to be saving on space. The bedroom and kitchen will benefit from smaller pieces as well. Especially if your family is quite small right now, or if you live alone, using a small table and chairs in the dining room or kitchen area may be the best choice for you right now.

    Go Small Space Furniture Shopping with BT Furnishings!

    Whether it's your first apartment on your own or a starter home with your new spouse, BT Furnishing has the small space furniture you need to make it the perfect home for you. Our furniture pieces come in a variety of styles and are priced to fit any budget. Visit one of our five DFW area locations today to see for yourself!