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    5 Popular Sofa Styles for Your Home

    5 Popular Sofa Styles for Your Home

    When first shopping for a sofa, you might not be aware of all the different designs that are available. It can help make the process easier if you know the type you're looking for. Then, you can be more specific when shopping online or talking to a furniture specialist in a store and quickly narrow down your options. Here are a few of the most popular sofa styles to get you started.


    A loveseat is designed for two people to relax together. It can be purchased separately, or as part of a living room set. They can be simple in design, or be more elaborate with a center console for drinks and storage and even reclining seats to help you fully relax. Although perfect on their own for small spaces, when part of a set they can provide additional seating for the whole room.


    A chofa is a new term for a style of sofa that's actually been around for a little while. It's full name is a chaise sofa. It combines the standard look of a traditional sofa, but has a chaise lounger on one end. Frequently, the cushion for the lounger is supported by an ottoman so it can be moved to the other side of the sofa by simply flipping the cushion around. This helps it accommodate any size room.

    Sectional Sofa

    A sectional sofa comes in multiple pieces, usually three or five, that can be arranged in a variety of different combinations to suit your needs and space. Commonly, they are put together to form an L-shape or a U-shape. They are great for large families because they offer plenty of seating space. Of course, they can also work for smaller families who love to lounge.

    Reclining Sofa

    The recliner sofa has gained popularity over the past few decades for its versatility and comfortable seating. It is the ideal choice for family rooms or media rooms because it offers a casual place to kick your feet up and watch TV or read a book. Pair a reclining sofa with some cushioned throw pillows and a soft blanket and you have the perfect spot for relaxing.

    Sleeper Sofa

    The most common type of sleeper sofa is a pull-out sofa bed. These are much more advanced and comfortable than they used to be. They are the perfect solution for when you have guests over. During the day, you have a comfortable couch to sit on. Then at night, you can pull out the bed for your guests to get a good night's sleep.

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